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Motivating Giraffe


Trevor’s back and he believes in you 🙂

I don’t believe in myself. I think probably a lot of people have that problem. But I find strength, so much strength, when my dad gets 10 copies of the Ipswich Advertiser from the shop, or my fellow office ladies get excited over giraffe news I have to share, or my grandma takes home a box of my books to sell to the ladies at bridge.

I am not much on my own. I really am not much at all. But these things make me so much more. These things make me want to keep going. These things are food when I am starving, a shady spot on a hot day, a light in the dark. I try my best to be the same for them.

This post isn’t meant for me to tell you how great my friends are. It’s to…

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