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Today I have allowed myself to relax and just be.  I didn’t bother getting dressed at all.  Wore my pajama pants and tshirt sans bra AAAAAAAALL DAY!  I know, I’m such a rebel.  I managed to make tea and run the dishwasher, and had to go procure NSLM from school as he said he had an overwhelming sense of sadness.  He just started the Vyvanse, and maybe 20mg is too much, so we will try the docs proposal of dumping the med in a small cup of water and only consuming half to get 10mg on board.  He’s med sensitive like me, bless him.

He did manage to finish his missing Periodic Table in less than 30 minutes here at home-WTF?!-and I let him puddle fart on the computer while I took a 2 hour nap.  I picked up Monkey and made some phone calls on the way home.  I was FINALLY able to talk to the nurse about my meds, and she will talk to the director tomorrow.  That’s at least one thing off my damn list.  I called Sharin and Jerry and I’m going to go visit Wednesday after I pick the kids up from school.  I feel this compulsion to check on them.  Tomorrow I have to take May to the vet-she has this weird red bump on her lip, and mom and I are concerned.  May has been getting in the trash and eating food off the table-which she has never done here.  I know she senses my grief and depression, she’s lounging a lot too.  I called my mother in law to check on her, and I’ll be damned if she didn’t hurt herself while camping.  She may have fractured or broken her elbow, and sees an orthopedist Wednesday.  On the plus side-she found a box for my stuff and she can ship it out this week.  Wednesday mom has her surgery consult and an appointment with SSI on Thursday I believe.

I managed to eat pretty much the rest of the lasagna and 2 cheese sticks, followed by my orgasmic chocolate-and by that I mean the ENTIRE BAR!  I even managed to read tonight.  2 chapters, 50 pages, and took about 4 hours.  I can usually read much faster, but given the state of mushy brain, I’d say this is a success.  I’m rereading “Dragonfly In Amber”, the second book in Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” series.  I can’t wait for Season 2 on Starz.  So excited.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll have the ability to binge Sleepy Hollow.  I’m already 5 episodes behind.

I’m exhausted…and I hope to god I can sleep all night long.  Waking up at 330 am EVERY NIGHT is tiresome and fucking annoying.  Stupid brain and meds.  My body feels like it’s had the flu from all the tension from Friday-and I can’t have any Advil because of my surgery.  Dammit!  2 weeks to my surgery, 7 days to my birthday.  I’ll be a whopping 36!  Woohoo!

Well, I’m off to bed with my kids-they weren’t heathens today.  That’s a win.

Peace n chicken grease, and goodnight-Sass has crashed zzzzz