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So I asked you guys to ask me random questions in my comments and TWO sent me questions.  I need more questions!!  NEED NEED NEEEEEEEEED!

These questions came from Blah:
Epic tribe middle earth roadtrip? Oh I am so there.
Questions for Sass:
Favourite lotr character? Éowyn
Which one are you most like? This one is really hard because I’m like Merry and Pippin because of my curiosity and lack of acknowledgement of authority, but I’m also like Éowyn in that I am loving and caring, strong willed, a fighter and underestimated.
Which part of middle earth do you like best? Rivendell
Films or books? Depends on my concentration level, but I adore both equally
If the 3 of us had to go on that trip as lotr characters, who would we be? Blah would be Gandalf the White, E would be young Bilbo, I would be Éowyn

Now this next set comes from lovely Beeps:
Here’s 10 random questions for ya:
1. How long is long enough? When I can’t hold my pee anymore
2. You warm the cockles of my heart. What are cockles? Aren’t those what hang off of cocks?
3. Why does alphabet soup exist? Because people are too lazy to use paper and pen for spelling lists
4. Are you a gun, knife, or hand to hand warrior? Probably a knife so I can watch the life leave my enemies eyes-yeah I’m fucked up like that.
5. Do you stand as the world record holder for most consecutive ‘fucks’ in a sentence? Why not? Unfortunately not, because I have yet to be THAT pissed off.
6. Just how many sheets DOES a sheet slitter slit? An infinite amount because there’s ALWAYS a sheet
7. What’s the one thing you haven’t done – for whatever reason – that you really WANT to do? Be in love for the RIGHT reasons
8. What’s your animagus? Wolf-DUH
9. Do you get toe jam? Yeah and it’s NASTY
10. Bikini or one-piece? Bikini-not ashamed to hide my tiger-striped belly

COME ON GUYS!  GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE MORE RANDOM QUESTIONS!!!  As you can see, I answer honestly and Sassily 😉