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More questions to answer and these are great ones!  Keep them coming!!

From EMost doable LOTR/Hobbit character?  Aragon-LOTR, Thranduil-Hobbit
From MorgueIf you, Diane, and Andrew got together to toss down some alcohol…Would your smart phones be drunker than all of you combined? Enquiring minds wanna know, dude. This one I had to think about, considering how drunk these “smarty phones” are now.  You know, I probably think that the phones would be more sober than the three of us combined.  I have Siri to speech to text, though I will be pissed by all the ***** instead of the actual cuss word I want to use 😉
From VictoFavorite cookie? Why? If I BUY them, Pepperidge Farm Mint Milano.  If I make them, home made chocolate chip-because I’m just that badass.
From AndrewWhat are the five greatest virtues?  Dammit you HAD to give me one where I have to think AND google the damn list, AND I can only use FIVE?!  1) Caring/Compassion are tied because they go hand in hand
2) Courage-I mean, fuck, all the shit I’ve gone through and I’m STILL here, kicking and screaming and fighting, I think that takes a HELL of a lot of courage
3)Honesty-Self explanatory for me, but it says you accept yourself as you are, and I do.  I’m a handful, a hot mess, a hopeless romantic, a free spirit.  I am me.
4)Love-Because I have a huge heart of gold and I love completely and fearlessly and fiercely
5) Loyalty-I am loyal to anyone that I bring into my circle and vice versa

From ZoeI got a ten dollar bill, yo.
1. Favorite memory with your kids? Being home for Christmas 2013.  I’ve always had to work on Christmas since health care in 24/7/365.  We actually got to sleep in and wake them up and watch them open their presents.  They both got archery bows and arrows, and their presents were wrapped in camo wrapping paper.
2. The hardest part of being a mom is? Sacrificing time for myself
3. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live? Probably Greece
4. Favorite scent for your home? Apple Cinnamon, but as soon as they make a candle that smells like books, I’m buying the entire stock
5. What book / movie left a big impression on you? The Piano
6. Second favorite drink? 😛 Ok-if I’m not drinking sweet tea, I’m drinking Mt. Dew, but if it’s alcohol-Scotch and moonshine are interchangeable.
7. What are five things you love about yourself? I’m going to get a little vain for a moment. 1) My eyes 2) My hair 3) My ass-it’s fabulous 4) My compassion 5) My ability to see the good in the bad, the love in the hate, the light in the dark.  I know-totally contradictory for someone with Bipolar, right?!
8. What does “blogging” mean to you? Well, first it was a way for me to get all my shit out when I couldn’t see Jane.  Now, it’s turned into a support for myself and others as we all struggle through life-Bipolar tinged or not.  Blogging allows me the ability to tell my truth of my life and how things are affected by me and vice versa, and refusing to hold back.  The truth hurts, but I think denial hurts worse.
9. Where have all the cowboys gone? (THAT SONG IS STUCK IN MY HEAD!) You know I saw her in concert back in the day-great concert.  All the cowboys have turned into little wussies and have to ask mom and dad for permission to piss.
10. And finally what’s your favorite animal? This is a hard one, because I really like animals.  But, I’d have to say when we went to the St. Louis Zoo and I got to see the hippos.  Those are probably my favorite.  And Manatees.  It’s a tie
From MarquessaWhat’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you that you didn’t expect? I had a boyfriend that sent me the BIGGEST bouquet of flowers to my house just because.  He’s been the only one to do that.

Now that it’s taken me a couple hours to finish this, because I was doing this in fits and starts, I am off to take a hot shower that is most deserved and rewarded.  I’m feeling better today, so I’m hoping that I don’t splat tomorrow or this weekend.  If I do, I am kid free, though I need to go to Tennessee to get some clothes I left down there.  Shit.  Ok-of to bathe!  Toodle-Loo!!!