Thursday evening I was in a car accident.  Don’t worry gut, I’m fine.  I rear ended someone, but thankfully Vivi isn’t badly damaged.


I drive a tank, and I hit the guy at about 40 mph, and not dead on so that helped. Busted the left headlight-it’s glass, a little crumple in the hood and that pushed in corner of the grill.  I don’t think he had insurance-didn’t want me to call the police.  Already called my insurance company, went to the ER to get checked out.  My shoulder hurts more-I think I jammed my right arm on the steering wheel. 

I took my meds when I got home, and I actually took 2mg of Klonpin and a Promethozine-after all the adrenaline and cortisol running through my system subsided I was pretty shaken up.  I was so loopy after the meds I was texting and talking on the phone and I made zero comprehensive sense.  Sass shall not med and phone.  Apparently I ate yogurt and granola at midnight.  The evidence was on my dresser.  Almost like Ambien.

I haven’t slept well the last couple nights, considering.  My dreams are weird and make zero sense. 

Monkey is having a hard time trying to work through the passings of Grampa and Shawna, so the school advisor made us both grief journals to work on together.  I am still struggling with the grief and depression.  It’s like trying to grapple with oil on your body.  Sucks.

Tuesday I voted so I get to gripe about the elected officials in office.  I do believe in the Democratic process even though during the Presidental Election they only use ellectoral votes which defeats the entire purpose of the Democratic process.  But who am I but a Migwest girl with no formal education about anything “political” only life. 

I finally got a new phone.  Switching to mom’s plan have her a $300 bill credit so that will help during the holidays.  The phone I got is the LG V10, which is the latest and greatest.  Its still hard to get used to Android after Apple for 4 years, but I’m loving my phone.  My phone is better than DB’s, so HA! 

I’ve pretty much layed (lied?) in bed all day.  I did manage a REALLY hot bath soak and shower to help ease my back and right side.  My lower back is so tense and of course my shoulder feels worse.  Pain level is about 6.5 on the Sass Pain-O-Meter, compared to everyone else.  *Shrugs*  Thank God I have a high pain tolerance, sucks that I have such a high tolerance to pain meds.  Fuck.

I’m starting to get a wee-bit nervous for Monday, but only because I’m ready for it to be over and start forward to recovery.  I’ll have my first physical therapy session Thursday, which freaks me out that they want to do it so soon, but I’m not having my shoulder replaced, just scoped. 

We enjoyed a beautiful Indian summer this week for my birthday.  Weather in the low 70s, clear blue skies, and still leaves on the trees-some have yet to change color!  We did have a very rainy June and July, so that is contributing to the beauty here.

I’m going to take my meds as I’m starting to have running leg syndrome-at least I’m not to triathalon level or speed thank heaven’s to Betsy.  Always so thirsty from my meds, and I can’t ever remember if I’ve eaten.  Such is the medi-go-round of the Bipolar Coaster.