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Well guys, everything went swimmingly! I got there at 6 am, and I was the first one scheduled for the day and in room 1-good sign there!  My nurse was amazing at getting my IV started.  She used the acuvein which is this cool device that lets get see my veins through my skin with an infared light.  My veins are small, short and bendy, but she did FANTASTIC!  Didn’t even hurt!

Cute Neighbor Guy took me in the morning and got love him he warmed his SUV up and turned on the heated seat.  He came back and chilled with me until it was time to go get my nerve block.  My anastesiologist was awesome.  I was so tired I almost fell asleep while getting the nerve block.  It was weird to feel the meds going down my shoulder.  There was pressure, but not enough for me to cuss.  SAY WHAAAA?! Sass didn’t Sass mouth?!  Nope.  One-I was too tired.  Two-I was too hungry and thirsty.

So off to the OR I roll and I didn’t have my glasses so I couldn’t see anyone and they were all blue blobs, anyway.  But everyone was so nice!  They held my limp noodle arm and I transfered to a different bed that turned into a chair for a sitting position so Dr. Kendall could work his magic!  I remember Dr. Trout saying goodnight-my anastesiologist, then waking up in recovery asking for something to drink and eat.  I had no difficulty with the anestisia this time, thank goodness!  I was ready to go home.

As for the surgery itself: no repairs were needed. Nothing was torn or ripped, and even my labrum was good.  Turns out all the fucking trouble was scar tissue built up in my bursa, probably from my first injury and the subsequent years of working as a CNA.  So no 6 month recovery needed-YAY- and I have my first physical therapy session Thursday.  I see Dr. Kendall on the 20th for my follow up.  I got some COOL pics of my shoulder from the doctor.  It’s always awesome to see my insides.  Yes, gag if you must, but I find the human body fascinating-even more when it’s mine.

My nerve block finally wore off around 8 last night, so I couldn’t really get too comfortable.  Today I’m more sore but when I move just right I get a twinge of pain.  Mom said my side is bruised, so I’ll have her take pictures for you gruesome fan lovers.  I think they’ll change my dressing Thursday at therapy, so maybe I’ll take some more then too.  No pain without the gain and ability to use my shoulder again at full capacity.

Well, I’m off to nap.  Recovery is boring and necessary.  Anything to have an excuse to sleep πŸ˜‰πŸ˜΄

Sassafrass, out!