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Since I haven’t been loudly announcing my presence the past few weeks, I thought I’d share my Sunday morning ritual that I do for my week. I got the idea from Our Lives Experience and my butch Blah. See, it was a picture of a young lady sticking out her tongue with all her meds on it. Must have been 7 pills and though I can’t remember exactly what was said, it translates-in my recollective mind-what I need to survive.

We all have to take pills of some form or another for various reasons. Some are “fortunate” to only need a few a day, while a majority take so many pills we need expensive pill organizers with post-its and timers to make sure we either: A) Don’t die or B) Don’t kill other people. It’s a fact of our lives. Those of us with Chronic and Mental Illness will NEVER get off the Medi-Go-Round of trial and error hell. That’s just fact. I see Dr Kamal Wednesday-HALLELUJER AND PRAISE THE BABY BUDDHA JESUS because I haven’t seen him since August. And you all well know by now the pure emotional hell I’ve been through. I’m sure there will be med changes, part and parcel for my life.

And so, now we come to the “exciting” part of my post where I show my Sunday morning ritual in pictures.


This is how I start my Sunday-pills open and my organizer at the ready.


My med train. Choo choo!


Ready for the week


The joys of Bipolar 1

What’s not included are my pain meds-trying to wean down but this weekend was AWFUL for my pain. I have therapy today at 3, and I’m doing really good. The doc did take my bone spur off and 1 cm from my collar bone. Everything is really tight across the front-where the majority of my surgery was-and I should be 100% in 8-12 weeks. Which means I still won’t be able to work until next year, but my shoulder will be functional. Wahoo! I REALLY need a nap, then a shower. ✌