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Mom and I ventured out Friday morning about 8 am for the bargain of the year.

It was rainy and warm and I drove cautiously concerned there would be people all over. Oh how wrong I was. It was just like any other early Friday morning in Plainfield minus the work traffic to the warehouses. Not that u complained about that. There’s ALWAYS at least one car pulled over EVERY MORNING on Ronald Reagan, Stafford, Perry and the roads through the warehouses themselves. Traffic is a bitch.

Anyway mom and I ventured not to Kohls or the other retail stores, not Walmart, Meijer, or Target. We went to Pet Smart on the hunt for a new cage for the pig.

I had found one a week or so ago but it was $130-but it came with a little play yard attached and was much bigger than his current cage. You know your guinea pig is too big when he stands up and cam chew on the TOP of his cage 😕

They advertised their small animal habitats for half off and we thought “Score! We can get the one I looked at!!” That would be a no, Bob. So we looked and asked questions and looked and looked-IN ONE AISLE-and lo and behold on an end cap we found a cage. $100. Black Friday price…….. $25! And a $10 bag of hay for $5. We had a $5 off coupon (tried to get a different water bottle for the pig but it was worse than the one he has now) AND donated a stuffed animal to our local hospital for the kids and spent less than $50. WOOHOO!

And I even ran into an old high school friend who looks FABULOUS! That bitch looks better now than he did in high school! He was looking for a bird companion for his little Pompeii birdy. TOOOO CUTE!

We hit Speck’s to try a different flavor of food for May. When she had her biopsy the doc said her kidney function was on the high side of normal-cue pet parent freak out-and while we are still waiting for the results we changed her food to a fish based instead of an all meat based. And I let the vet know we were trying a different food too.

So returned home from our little jaunt and put together the pigs new cage and he’s now a happier pig! Only he’s getting to big for his pigloo. So Smores is happy, mom and I are happy and Monkey is happy.

So unlike all the other fucks with money to burn on bullshit they DON’T need, we got a fucking deal on something desperately needed.


Worth the bargain.