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Cheesus I’m gone doing some self reflection and “healthy shit” and I come back and WP is at it again, fucking with my shit.  WILL YOU ASSFUCKS JUST LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE?!  FFS IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FUCKING FIX YOU FUCKTARDS!

Yeah, so I’ve been quiet as in fucking absent as in I’ve really gotten bored reading the same thing day after day after day-no offense guys.  But my brain just personally has not been able to handle the repeating offender of Bipolar and all the shit it encompasses.  So rather than be all doom and gloom, I’ve just been chilling and reading and playing with the fat bastard pig and my puppeh dog.  Or, and being tormented by my children.  Honestly, they’ve been assholes beyond Morgue’s NTH degree and I’m about to snatch one up by her hair and the other by his neck and bash skulls together for their disrespect and attitudes and their “it’s mememememe” attitudes.  Uh, no, you little shits.  And if anyone wants to give me parenting advice, kindly fuck off because I’m libel to stab you with a barbed wired dildo with sporks covered in ghost pepper sauce up you ass.

Yes, I’m on a tear.  No I give ZERO FUCKS.

My shoulder is day by day, but getting better-thanks of those of you who ask.  You know who you are and I love you guys.  Though the bone pain in the collar bone has a mind of it’s own and rears it’s ugly fucking head when it feels the need after I am comfy cozy in bed-fucker.  My body is trying to withdrawal from the Percocet and cheesus lord it’s like having a flu that never ends.  So I take just one every day until I go back to the doctor when they discuss weaning me off-thank god.

I was in a car accident before my surgery-nothing major, I THOUGHT, until my radiator-THAT I JUST HAD REPLACED IN FUCKING APRIL-started to leak and now I’m like FUUUUUUUCK. One MORE thing I can’t fucking take care of.  At least tomorrow I get my food stamps and can help feed my family.

Mom had her surgery and I love her but good gawd she is the WORST patient!  I’m gonna tattle on her when she goes to therapy and her doctor.  She woke me up yesterday morning at 130 am because “there isn’t anything on demand and I want to watch movies so I rented Redbox.”  Scared the FUCK outta me and May.  So I loaded my gimpy mom and her rollator walker into my car and drove to get her movies.  Got the kids to school on time, came back and accidentally fell asleep.  Went and had lunch with Monkey and her dad so she could get her money for Santa Shop at school.  Her dad and I had decent civil conversation at lunch and Sunday when we went Christmas shopping for the kids.  Though he’s like a deer in the headlight when it comes to shopping for clothes for Monkey.  I swear I had to keep clapping my hands and going “YO! Focus!!”  We managed to get them some decent things and he wants to go back out for a few more things.  And he talked about his coworker that he helped out last year and got my FUMING because that assfuck took away time from my kids with their dad.  Then the guy gets his license back and is already drinking and driving and is fucking DRUNK AT WORK.  You know what, Karma’s a bitch DB.  I know he was trying do a good thing, but when you choose friends over your kids, you get what comes around.

I had to get NSLM from school as he’s sick. He’s been asleep since 12, and he’s running a fever and has that sick smell. Poor guy. I feel so bad for him and right before the end of term and he’s got missing work to turn in. Sigh.

God I ache. My back aches, my shoulders ache, my neck aches, and my uterus is trying to do a reproduction of “Alien” that fucking bitch. Thank god tomorrow is Friday, i can sleep in an extra hour and do laundry tomorrow. THANK YOU THANK YOU TO MY CUZZO FOR THE CLOTHES SHE GAVE ME FOR NSLM! I can not say enough how grateful I am for my family. I am EXTREMELY lucky and thankful for them all: immediate, inlaws and outlaws, and my WP Sassafrains for your encouragement and fucking hilarious comments. Thank fuck, the Sacred Pegacorn and Spork of Fortitude for all of you.

Ok I gotta go before I start to cry because that just does not fit this hormonal job description this month.

Sass out