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We’ve ago been sick at the Feisty household. Even my ‘rents are sick too.  The kids have missed school from fevers and viruses, I had a cold that took my voice on Valentine’s Day while in Florida.  AAAAAAAAANND…

My poor Florida ended up with the flu and tonsillitis after we left, and now his doc thinks he has mono.  Interesting.  Because the kids and I are all sleeping more, and I’m having body aches and fuck I just do NOT feel good.  Even Florida said I’m breathing differently while I sleep (we sleep on the phone every night) and he’s sleeping even harder.

My mom is running a fever and has used all the cold meds in the house in three days and she lost her voice today.  Dad has had a persistent cough since September not related to his smoker’s lung.  NSLM had missed SO many days of school-not like him, as has Monkey-not like her either.  I blame the lack of winter and cold temps here in IN to kill the germs.  Ugh.

Monkey and I have been watching movies on the couch, and now she’s playing with her sand and shells from Bradenton Beach while I try not to fall asleep.  I took a 4 hours nap today and Florida called to make sure I was up to get my heathens from school.  I’ve also been experiencing right side pain again, so I fear I have another cyst on my right ovary again.  The pain had increased exponentially in just a few days that required an extra call to my OBGYN today.  They’re so booked up that now it’s April before you can get an appointment, but thank God I have one for MARCH 21!  Jamie said she will keep an eye out for any openings that come available since it’s pretty worrisome.  Joy, right?  Thank God I have a great OBGYN office.

Well, I’m off to curl up in a ball and hope I don’t puke and cry from this pain. 

Sass Out āœŒ