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Yeah, I’ve been ÜBER quiet lately. No Sasscasm, no witty remarks and bitchiness or make y’all sick with her teenage lover. Here’s why.
I decided to stop my Celexa because I wanted to enjoy my sex life again. And by that I mean being able to get off and it NOT feel like a fucking job with ZERO PAY or BENEFITS. So your lovely and sailor mouthed Sass went through withdrawal. This time I didn’t have paranoia. Thank fuck because that was AWWWFULLLLL! What I DID have to endure is the fog-like state my brain was in for two weeks that included lack of communication with Florida. And by lack of communication I mean not being respectful and just talking to him and letting him know how I was and what I was doing. (Because he feels responsible for my safety 1,000 miles away, and won’t accept that I got this shit. I don’t mind, really.) I had zero motivation to do more than below bare minimum including showering more than once a week. Mostly because I couldn’t remember when I fucking showered or even took a shit. Yep. I went there. Nope, I give zero fucks.


So I had loss of time and I had no desire to talk to people. Including BBFL. SERIOUSLY! Not even talking to BBFL because I just didn’t want to. I didn’t want to be around anyone. Even myself. If I could have separated myself from myself, I would have paid that price.

YAY WITHDRAWAL FROM PSYCH MEDS IS AWESOME! (And if you can’t hear the sarcasm in that statement then you REALLY shouldn’t be on this blog.)

So I FINALLY came through it and I spent Monday in a hypomanic cleaning spree that included a stop at Goodwill. Spent yesterday at Verizon for THREE GOOD DAMNED FUCKING HOURS because of my phone. (Whole nother post right there). And today? I didn’t even bother to get dressed. At. All. Even when I took mom to the walk in ortho clinic, I was still in my jammies and flip flops. In the kinda rain we had today. Blarg!

And to add to my internal unrest, my psych doc POOFED! Into thin air. I am scheduled to see the other only psych doc at the office and the poor guy has had to absorb alot of the patients-so many in fact they called to if patients address doing well enough to pay their appointments out a month. Yeah, no. I’m down to one med a day, my Wellbutrin, and I’m always tired because I can’t fall asleep because my brain wants to wake up at bedtime and i got this of gritting my teeth from the “anti anxiety meds” to the point of cracking 3 more of my teefs. I’m starting to feel like Gollem the way mine are deteriorating from PSYCH MEDS! Those lovely little psychedelic candies that makes us “tolerable for society’s sake”. Pfffbt. Assfuckery. Society gets their sheeple, while we get the mountain of side effects and STILL told to suck it up, it’s amok in our heads. Hey, society. GO FUCK YOURSELF WITH A BARBED WIRED DILDO WITH GHOST PEPPER SAUCE AS LUBE! Fucktards, assclowns, asshats and fuck bags GALORE! (I will not get started on the political thing but I’m sure talk can guesstimate where my two cents lands)

Oh look, our mighty Sass has returned from the Land of the Dull and Dead. Thank fucking god. I was getting tired of that dull bitch.