Sass is ok. The phone issue is not. I met my weekly quota for idiocy and stupidity by 1015 am this morning. I saw Dr G (my vajayjay dr) and he’s concerned about the pain. (Another post later) Best part of this week: Florida is up for his spring break. We went camping-just the two of us!-and survived. He’s impressed with my cooking abilities. The kids are glad he’s here. My parents like him. He even got my dad to play his electric Fender over the weekend. (I cried and I’m sure mom did too after we left) He’s visiting family up in La Porte where he is from but I am getting him Wednesday and spending time with him before he had to go back home. Not alot of pictures because we have just been enjoying each other’s company and getting to know eachother a little more, diving a little deeper into the darkness. Still job hunting (seems impossible right now so any little boosts of good vibes or prayer or positivity would be GREATLY appreciated and welcomed) Vivi is finally showing her vehicular age, and it’s making me sad because I lack the funds to keep her going. Starting to enter the panic area of not working. Parents are stressing more financially, so this is another reason to help out financially around here.

I had more, but I can’t remember. I’ll post more when my brain isn’t so fried (I had to take a klonopin because of the idiotic fuckers I can’t with today) and hopefully get some rest.

Hang around Sassafrains and you’ll get a little bit more. But for tonight? *Waves white flag of surrender* Done with today.