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Leslie at Normal Is Out There tagged me in this, so I told her I would work on this while she’s on vacation (which I’m actually doing BEFORE she leaves!)
Apparently I don’t have to nominate anyone (thank goodness because my brain is barely functioning) so if you wanna do it, go right on ahead. I aint gonna stop ya.
So, here goes.

Four names people call me other than my real name?
Florida calls me Babe
Of course I get called Mom and Mama
Bitch. I’m always called Bitch because, you know, I speak honestly.

Four jobs that I have had?
McDonald’s in high school
I worked at a bridal store which I loved
And then long term health care for 15 years

Four movies that I have watched more than once?
The Twilight Movies
The Hunger Games Movies
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Swedish AND US versions)

Four books or authors I’d recommend?
Diana Gabaldon and all of her books
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series
Harry Potter
LORT and The Hobbit

Four places I have lived?
Only in Indiana

Four places I have visited?
Deals Gap *aka* The Tail of the Dragon Tennessee and North Carolina
Florida (Gulf of Mexico, Anna Maria, Siesta Key, Amalie Arena, Orlando and Disney World *that was in middle school on spring break*
Topeka Kansas
St. Louis

Four things I’d rather be doing right now?
Be at the beach
Collecting shells at the beach
Sleeping at the beach with Florida

Four foods I do not like? 
Saurkraut-because it smells like feet
Olives and Capers-because they’re too salty
Stawberries-because just NO

Four of my favorite foods?
Ice cream
Dark Chocolate

Four shows I watch?
Since noise is a trigger and i have zero attention span I’m not watching TV. When I do, it’s Outlander. And i need to binge watch the last three or four episodes…

Four things I am looking forward to this year?
Growing my relationship with Florida
Hopefully moving to Florida
Working again, even if it’s okay time

Four things I am always saying?
WHAT.  THE.  ACTUAL.  FUCK! Because, people really are stupid and idiotic.
Do you think you are entitled to everything?
Because my kids (as much as I love them) think that they stress entitled to whatever they want, whenever they want. And, just, NO.
Because the person driving in front of me DIDN’T USE THEIR TURN SIGNAL!
You’re killing me smalls!
Because it takes under the idiot umbrella that I must deal with on the daily.

So, there are some “Fun Sass Facts” that aren’t really too fun but are kinda boring honestly. Now I just gotta link stuff back the lovely lady that invited me to do this…. *grumbles at the thought of linking blogs with her new phone*