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So… Florida and I have been having alot of problems around communication, and the fact that I’ve been in such a pervasive depression. And tonight… Man. Tonight I REALLY wanted to run from our relationship because of a multitude of things that came to a cross roads. I’m not going to go into it, because we are still discussing this, but I REALLY REALLY REALLY needed this post tonight. We mental condition sufferers know that mindfulness only gets us so far. But when we are in those clear and lucid moments, these are the things we want to tell our partners, family and support system.

I’m going to share it with him later because for some godforsaken reason he loves me, and he feels as if he can save me from *waves hands* this. He can’t. No one can, really. But maybe, JUST MAYBE, this can help us later on down the road.

Helping a Suffering Partner – http://wp.me/p7bq2c-78