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Because, really, Bipolar is the reason anyone who acts like an asshole and/or douchebag can get a label because you can’t say asshole on the air. Seriously though, if we have been diagnosed even with just depression, WE CAN’T GET A GUN YOU LEGISLATIVE FUCKTARDS! Really, idiocy and arrogance and ignorance run rampant in the country. It’s fine to stop the madness. So BLAMING Bipolar any time there’s some attack or some event in which someone is an asshole. Stop. Stop BLAMING mental afflictions anytime it doesn’t fit the mold. Fuck this shit. Let’s band together and show these people the REAL faces of Mental afflictions, disorders, diseases, whatever you want to call it. Let’s show them the REAL people whom these things affect. Because I’m fucking TIRED of hearing how my disorder is an excuse to be an asshole.

Idiot Shithead Terrorist – http://wp.me/p5Jmbl-2Ir