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Well, tomorrow starts a new career path for me. I am starting my first day of my new job working in medical records at my local prison. Yes, I am now a contract employee for the Department of Corrections in my state. I am nervous and excited. Mostly nervous. My training last week was in a different part  of the prison complex, though I will float  between the two complexes. It’s nerve wracking to walk amount the offenders but I feel safer inside the prison than I do in my own home. Because they have everything to lose if the fuck up. I’m stoked about the pay as well, abs getting much needed clerical and Mexican office experience that I can use anywhere! That means when I move to Florida I can get a job and not be forced to just one area of work. Because keys face it, my shoulder isn’t going to allow me to work on the floor as a CNA. 

I feel better than I did Sunday. I was off because I took my Rexulti late. It gave me brain fog most of the day Monday. I took it on time yesterday and today and I’m “fine” in the sense that I don’t feel like emotional shit. I THINK I’m close to baseline, then again I’m not sure what that even is anymore. 

Florida and I are talking about moving in together. Yes, that’s a huge step, and even more so because he would move up here for about a year while I get experience at my new job. Plus, he’s having a hard time finding a job as an the college kids need their summer jobs. Up here there are so many warehouses getting a job is EASY. Pass a drug screen, speak English, you’re hired. So we can both written, save $, then move South and grant start living the life we want together. 

Things are slowly starting to fall into place for once. Meds are good, working now, planning ahead. I’m pretty damn proud of myself. And I’m not drowning yet. I’m welcoming it with open arms, while I keep walking this new path.