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Fuck me I am EXHAUSTED after a 4 day work week.  My eyes cross as I look at HUNDREDS of 6 digit numbers and names EVERY DAY, filing everything in numerical order and pulling those that have left.

Today…FUCK! Today my coworker and I went through ONE NUMBERED SECTION and pulled out a box of charts to send away to various locations, THEN…FFS, THEN we tackled a stack of current papers to be filed that was about 2 feet tall.  No. Fucking. Lie.  And don’t get me started on the myriad of boxes of OLD papers to file.  And this is only in one location.  The other has been busy with emails, scans, gathering information and getting other info to send out to various places.  So I am bending, sitting, standing, squatting,WALKING WALKING WALKING EVERY FUCKING WHERE, pushing, pulling, stooping, dropping, over, under and sideways.  I fucking hurt. 

The reward for this hard and VERY physically and mebtally demanding job?  I’M FUCKING WORKING BITCHES!! Plus, I get the much needed “clerical” experience on the Healthcare side that I’ve been wanting to do.

And I’m working for my future with Florida and our family.