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I can’t tell if there is some depression coming back or if I’m just bored.  I have slept alot this weekend: two naps Saturday and today.  Went to bed around 10 Friday night and slept until 930 Saturday morning.  Napped from 530-9ish, then went to sleep at 11 Saturday night and was up around 730 this morning.  Took a nap from 12ish to 130 when Florida called on his way to work this afternoon.  I did manage to fold two loads of laundry and put them away, but that’s it on the productive front.  I haven’t bothered to get dressed and I didn’t bother to put on glasses until almost 4 this afternoon when I finally managed to get myself something to eat (which was chicken fries and California blend veggies with cheese).  I’ve been in my bed pretty much the majority of the day.  Today would have been my Gramma’s 83 birthday, and 19 years since my Grampa was buried. He would be 94.  His mom, my great Gramma G was 102 when she passed, I believe.  She was a week shy of living in 3 different centuries.  She was born in 1898.  The things that have happened in the world.

I’ve been hurting on and off, taking advil and tylenol on the regular.  Work has kept me busy, which I really do enjoy.  Friday I didn’t get to eat lunch because of phone calls and faxes and charts and running here and there.  I’m not complaining.  I’m grateful to be working and getting experience on the other side of health care in DOC.  It’s definitely different.  I can tell you that I am tired every night from all of the walking and mental exertion during the week.  

I guess today has been a recovery day.  Then again, it’s a tough day.  So maybe my mind told my body to take it easy today and let things come and go as they do.  And they have.  It the first time in a long time I haven’t cried for the losses of two special people in my life, but celebrated the joy of being in my life.  

I still want to sleep, so maybe I’ll go to bed in an hour.