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*I started this yesterday when i had a little bit of alertness* 

In light of the losses we’ve all felt recently, and the outpouring of love for one of the Tribe is infuckibgcredible, I know that Blah would still want us to carry on and not mourn for who she was, but where she is now. No longer in torment or pain, though we still miss our Tribal Leader. Here’s to you, Blah, just keeping on.

Today was good and successful.  I had to be at the surgery center by 6 am, and we were actually there before it opened.  Got in, registered, and back in a room before 620.  My nurse had a hard time with my IV (God love her she blew a vein and felt terrible) and another nurse came in and had it in, no problems.  I have very small and zig-zaggy veins, so they were shocked when I said use this one, but up here, and it went in just fine.  I found out I’m NOT allergic to Morphine, that the itching is one of the common side effects of it.  Doesn’t matter.  Don’t gimme that shit.  I was rolled back to the OR, “hopped” up on the table as best I could considering I didn’t have contacts in or my glasses, got cozy and they said “Get ready to dream”.  Boy did I.   I dreamed of the beach, and the ocean and a beautiful sunset, and Florida and my kids were there running around.

Next thing I know I hear someone talking to me asking if I’m thirsty.  Fuck yes I am.  Apple juice and Graham crackers sound delicious.  I woke up much easier than the last time.  I could vaguely see the clock.  If I squinted really hard it said 930ish.  I told my mom and the nurse I dreamed about the beach, though I didn’t go into specifics.  I got to talk to my Dr, though I couldn’t see the pictures (dammit) but he said not to worry, I’ll see them next week.  Ok.  He said I made a good call having my ovary and fallopian tube removed.  They were a mess.  I looked at mom and said, “I know my body like I know my car.”  Smartass much?  Hehehe. I had/have 1 small cyst on my left ovary but everything looks good.  Woohoo!  I was back home before 11.

Yesterday and some of today I’ve slept.  My pain is more from the gas used as it works its way through my body, and less from the surgery itself.  I have 3 incisions, and this time he used regular sutures instead of the disolveable kind.  I’m pretty weak and slow to move, but I’m determined to get a shower today.  Gotta get this betadine off me, and I’m sure I’ll feel even better once I’m showered.  My appetite is still missing.  I eat because I have to, not because it sounds good.  I still blame the lithium.

Grays! Tenderloin with white gravy, green beans, mashed taters with brown gravy.  Not pictured, Peach cobbler.  Took 2.5 hours to eat.

My dog is driving me crazy.  She wants attention, no she doesnt, she wants to eat, no she doesn’t, she wants to go out, no she doesn’t.   GAH.  Monkey let me sleep with her Baymax, then she came in when she went to go to bed and slept with him.  Probably the best money ever spent was an unstuffed Baymax from Build-A-Bear.  She takes him everywhere, and if any of us are feeling bad, she shares him.  She really does have a wonderful heart.

Anyway, I’m lying in bed, having eaten 2 donuts, and all I can think about is going back to sleep.  I’m not in pain like I was, thank gawd, but I’m in that recovery pain where everything hurts and if you’re upright too long you feel like you’ll pass out, and everything you eat makes you wanna hurl.  I really just want mashed taters and French fries.  Yeah, I know it makes no sense.  I guess I just want salt.  Oh, and I’m slowly, S L O W L Y loosing weight. Down 3 pounds.  (Lithium I’m sure). 

I’m off to sleep again.  Sass, out. ✌