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Wednesday, November 2, was my 37 birthday.  yes, I’m not afraid to say I am 37 and I look fucking fabulous.  I still get carded for fucking lottery tickets, and always for liquor and cigarettes, and even fir rated R movies.  No, it doesn’t upset me in the least bit.  Makes me feel damn good, because I know one day, they won’t ask.  


Got my heathens off to school and went to work and busted my ass.  My coworker got me cupcakes and the sang “Happy Birthday” and I got to leave an hour early.  The weather was fucking beautiful!  75Β° and sunny and not a cloud in the sky; the trees STILL have their leaves.  Rare for IN in fall, a few weeks before Thanksgiving.  Florida got me beautiful roses  (which in need to tend to tonight) and mom helped him make me homemade garlic shrimp alfredo and garlic bread for my birthday dinner.  We aren’t big on “things” in my family for birthdays.  Dinners and cards are what we do best.  Because you can’t buy that kind of togetherness.  (Sass’ 2 cents)  Then, he and I made a fire, enjoyed some quality together time with S’mores and adult beverages until the rain come through.  My parents got me the best card with dark chocolate and some money.  My kids didn’t do anything-they’re selfish assholes so I didn’t even worry.  I was happy to spend my birthday with Florida finally.  The best part of my birthday?  The Chicago Cubs winning the world series.  I have had such crappy birthdays these past years..but this one?  Best.  One.  Ever.  

*I was raised on Cubs baseball, IU basketball, Harley Davidson motorcycles, and the Confederate Flag.  Red blooded southern girl raised in Indiana.  To not watch a SINGLE game this season for fear of a loss, and to have them win a World Series Championship in 104 years ON MY BIRTHDAY made me cry.*

Florida is adjusting to the best of his ability here, and it’s hard for him.  But I’m glad he’s here and we can be together and really work on making our life together.  I love him so.  *He took me into the garage and was having me ballroom dance with him.  I’ve never done that, nor have I ever had someone force me to dance with them and actually sweep me off my feet.  How he makes me heart swell.*

I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday.  Especially when I woke up thinking it was going to be as shitty as the last few.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m being serenaded before dinner. πŸ’–

Birthday beverages my the fire

The bass I helped him catch last night doing outsidey things in the cold. He is a happy camper. 🐟

Monkey and Florida on Halloween