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So my shoulder popped yesterday-and it hasn’t done that since I injured it 15 years ago at my first nursing job.  GOD IT FELT GOOOOOOD.  Now it constantly pops, and I can feel the tendons roll around-I’m used to that too.  Waiting for corporate HR to call me so I can go see an orthopedist.  I slept a solid 12 hours Sunday into Monday-woke up at 1030.  It was MUCH needed.  Slept 10 hours last night.  Since my shoulder has popped the pain has SIGNIFICANTLY decreased, but I still can’t lift and grab/hold on to things.  Which SUCKS.  That’s how I make my living.  So, now I have to get with the scheduler at work for light duty-at least they can accommodate me-and figure out how to get my 22 hours for this week and my 32 for next week.  I’m hungry-and all I want are eggs.  I could PROBABLY eat an entire dozen of eggs and be happy for the rest of the day.  Oh, I started a pot roast for dinner today.  It was a little difficult to try to turn the roast-I sear it on all sides before putting it in the crock pot.  I bought some Turkish Bay Leaves at the store yesterday-a splurge and they smell SOOOOOOO goooooood-and some celery salt.  MY dad has high blood pressure so we don’t use alot of salt in any of our food.  I love Kosher salt.  I only use half of what is recommended for recipes with the Kosher salt.  I bought some Green tea with acai drangonfruit and had a nice cup this morning.  It was good.  I made mom a pot of coffee and swept the floor.  The girls are going to her dad’s house for blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes.  (And by her dad I mean my daughter’s friend’s dad.)  I need to go pay bills and figure out how much $ I owe for Vivi at shop #1 before going to shop #2.  And I’m going to take a shower ladies and gentlemen.  And maybe a nap.  I’m still coming down from the 80 mgs of Latuda.  I’m on 40 now.  It makes me a little hypomanic in the am-hence ALL the stuff I did, but now I want a nap.  The 60 dose was good.  The itching had lessened, no hypo and no sleepiness.  Guess we will just keep playing with the dosage.  Oh snap!  I haven’t taken my morning meds.  Maybe that’s why I’m sleepy.  Damn this forgetful Swiss Cheese brain!  I HAVE noticed that since I have come off the Abilify that my memory has gotten a bit more clear-I can remember names and faces better, places too.  But my short-term is really shot.  OH!  I had a total geek-gasm at the store yesterday with a guy that works in the dairy section.  I’m kicking myself in the ass for not giving him my #-but I was kind of afraid he may have a girlfriend.  And I’m not one to encroach on other’s territory since it’s been done to me.  I have some self-respect there.  Ok.  Shower Time!